Will Coloring My Hair Damage It?

“Will Coloring My Hair Damage It?”  By Salon Cirillo  Call Us (604) 590-6739

This is a question we hear from time to time from our clients. They want a change, but they’re concerned that coloring their hair will cause damage. So, let’s set the record straight.

Color is individually formulated. From your choice of color to added highlights or lowlights, we create a look that’s totally yours. But before we snip or paint a single strand, we evaluate the condition of your hair.

If it’s already damaged, your first priority—and ours—is to get your hair healthy again! That means regular trims with deep conditioning treatments both at home and in the salon—no coloring!

Coloring damaged hair is a prescription for disaster and we won’t do it.

Salon color is good for your hair.

Unlike nasty box color, we open the hair cuticle so that the color penetrates deeply. (Box color simply coats the hair.) Then, as part of the coloring process, we add deep conditioning agents to close up the cuticles and seal in your color.

Not only do you get healthier hair, you have full coverage color that’s beautiful and long lasting—even with resistant gray!

The point is you’ve got plenty of color choices to create beautiful, multi-dimensional healthy hair that’s just as unique as you are!

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