Love The One You’re With

Love The One You’re With  By Salon Cirillo  Call Us (604) 590-6739

Love The One You’re With

Sometimes you and your hair just get sick and tired of each other. You squabble and fight. The result? You wear a hat or put it up in a ponytail because “it’s easier.”

May we suggest some hair counseling? Make a commitment to renew your relationship with your hair. Here’s how. Talk to us about the frustrations you’re having with it. We can give you some insights on why your hair seems so uncooperative.

Then use the products and styling tips we suggest and… practice, practice, practice!

Nobody, and we mean nobody, has perfect hair! It just looks like it. Why? Because they work with the texture of their hair to get the look they want. You can, too. We’d be happy to lend our expertise. Just ask.

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