Waves for Days

With award season coming to a close end, many of us sit curiously wondering how to achieve those bombshell curls that the A list stars work so well. Although most of us don’t have a 10 person glam squad to prepare us for our own red carpet events, with the right products and tools we too can look like the stars!

KMS Hot Flex Spray is exactly the type of product you need to achieve long lasting curls. This heat activated shaping spray offers flexible shaping and strong hold while protecting your hair from damaging heat and breakage. It is a reliable product, giving your hair the support it needs making a lasting impression on anyone who tries it.

Next comes the perfect hot tool. Bex Curling Wand gives you salon grade “A” quality right in the comfort of your home. Heating to maximum heat, this ceramic wand promotes smoother, and silkier hair. It’s heat protective glove and safety cool tip aids in burn free curls, enabling you to achieve pro curls in no time.

Finally, grab a flat paddle brush to run through your hair and you’ve got it! Red carpet waves without the entourage and hassle. A simple and easy way to achieve the glamorous style you see in the magazines. Give it a shot, with the proper tools and products you too can achieve salon worthy styles.

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