How To Update Your Hair Color      By: Salon Cirillo  (604) 590-6739  Deltaprofessional-hair-color2


You want a change but the actual thought of a color overhaul is terrifying. We get it. So consider these three little steps to soothe your anxiety and still make a change.


  1. Enrich your natural color. Find shades in your hair color family and bring out the rich undertones by adding more of that shade.


  1. Go one or two shades in either direction of your natural color. This is a simple and not too extreme way to make a change.


  1. Talk to your stylist about your wardrobe. Seriously! Do you wear earth tones or do you lean towards greys and black? This will help us determine what color is placed where.


You’re in good hands. Your beauty is our business!  Call us at Salon Cirillo Hare Care (604) 590-6739 to make your consultation appouintment with our stylists.