Are You A Candidate For Frizz Free Hair?

By Salon Cirillo  Delta (604) 590-6739

Maybe your hair has seen a bit too much wear and tear. Or, maybe the frizziness of naturally curly hair has you seriously considering a buzz cut.

Whatever the reason, we beg you to re-consider before taking such drastic action!

There is a highly effective and safe solution for over processed, chemically damaged hair, and totally frustrated naturally curly hair.

The gentle formulation of Goldwell KeraSilk hair straightening system allows us to work with any hair type, including salon-colored hair.

Goldwell KeraSilk smoothes curly or frizzy hair, leaving you with the hair you’ve always wanted, a brilliant shine, manageability, and tons of possibilities for hairstyles for upto 5 months!

Unlike other hair straightening and repair systems, Goldwell KeraSilk does not have an intensive pre-treatment. There are no harsh chemicals and no formaldehyde, but there are the rich, raw materials of keratin,with the most advanced keratin technology available today.

And the results are instant. You will not have to wait 72 hours to wash and style your hair, either. You can do it immediately after the treatment, if you choose.

To maintain your salon results, we recommend the Goldwell KeraSilk aftercare products. What’s so special about these products?

Unlike regular shampoo and conditioner, they do not strip your hair of keratin, which would reverse the salon treatment results. Instead, with Goldwell KeraSilk products, you get plenty of nourishment, which replenishes the treatment. (Wait until you use the deep conditioning daily mask! It’s incredible.)

The smoothing shine serum protects against thermal appliances, softens, and gives your hair shine from roots to ends.

See why we love Goldwell KeraSilk hair straightening system so much? It puts you and the health of your hair first.

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