The One Question We Can’t Answer About Going Blonde

The One Question We Can’t Answer About Going Blonde  by Salon Cirillo (604) 590-6739
A lady called us and said, “I’ve got brown hair. How long will it take me to have an Elizabeth Hasselbeck type of blonde?”

That’s kind of like asking, “How many angels can sit on the head of a pin?”

Naturally, we couldn’t answer it. Why? We have to see her hair!

You see, all hair has a base color . Without examining her base color, it’s impossible to determine what steps we need to take to get that type of blonde, and how long it would take her to achieve the look she wanted.

We also need to look at her skin tone to see if the color she wants flatters her face.

Hair color is a science, and each person is different. That’s why a consult is the foundation of beautiful color.

One more thing. DNA plays a huge part in coloring your hair. We can give the lady who called us Elizabeth Hasselbeck-like color, but it won’t be the EXACT color because each person’s DNA expression is unique.

And that’s a good thing! Find a picture of a hairstyle you love. Bring it with you and let it be your guide. You are unique. So is your hair. Enjoy it!

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