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So You Colored Your Hair At Home And Now You Need Help

There’s no need to stay in hiding and we won’t say we told you so, although we will do a bit of hand wringing!  We’ve seen it many times before. Blotchy color or color left on too long and it dried out your hair, or worse, hair that breaks off!  It’s not pretty and we do our best to correct the damage. But you must understand one thing. When you come in for help with a bad color application, it may take more than one session with us to correct the problem. We simply don’t have a magic wand.  And damage is, well, damage. So be gentle with yourself and with us! Coloring your hair requires knowledge and techniques that aren’t available to the general public. That’s why most cosmetology schools require at least 1,000 hours of book work and hands on application to successfully complete school. We absolutely don’t want you to feel bad about trying to color your own hair. And yes, there are some benefits to it, like doing it on your schedule and not ours.  And of course, the cost. Just know what you’re really buying!  Some hair dyes contain chemicals that aren’t approved for human use, yet still find a way onto the store shelf and into your hair .So is it really just “a box of color?”