Although we all thought the worst of winter is over, clearly Mother Nature has other plans. The sudden snow fall and chilly air not only causes dry skin, but those dreaded fly-aways and hat hair none of us enjoy. We found a great article written by Redken National Education Director, Terry Ritchey , sharing some hot tips that will help you combat those hair woes. Here is what Terry Ritchey had to say!

  1. How does the texture/appearance of hair change in the colder weather?

With the lack of moisture in the air, the hair appears less supple and has a duller appearance due to the extreme dryness. The hair usually feels more dry and brittle as well.

  1. What hair care habits should be avoided during the winter months?

Excess blow drying and overuse of hot tools such as curling irons and straightening irons should be avoided. Products from the Heat Styling Collection will provide added protection and a beautiful shiny finish.

  1. What should be done to protect hair during winter months?

Avoid HOT showers as they can be very drying for both the hair and the skin.

  1. Any tips for dealing with “hat hair”?

A light mist of water with a few drops of Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine added to the bottle can be a great way to perk up hair that has been flattened by a hat. A pair of wet hands can also do the trick when nothing else is available.

  1. What type of products should be used during the winter?

Moisture, moisture, moisture! The use of conditioners can be especially helpful as they create less friction, which creates less static electricity, which creates less fly away hair. Leave in conditioners can also be a great addition to your routine in the winter months.