Do You Want Frizzy Free Curls?  by Salon Cirillo  (604) 590-6739

Frizzy curly hair is made worse by harsh hair products. Avoid those with a lot of junk fillers. It’s a lot like the difference between processed food and organic food. Yes, it makes that much of a difference in how your hair performs!

Deva Curl hair care is made to revive, rejuvenate and inhance wavey to corkscrew hair. It is 100% sulfate free, silicone free and paraben free. Deva Curl contains only moisturizing and water soluable botanicals for maximum hydration. It was created to eliminate frizz and enhance curl definition. A great way to keep your curls happy, healthy and bouncy with a ton of natural shine! A Deva inspired hair cut is also a must. Curls are shaped in their natural state by using the Deva Curl 3 step. Come in and ask our Deva curly hair experts,  and ask  how you can get frizz free natural curls.

Deva Curl curls